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ICBC Insurance Information

In April 2019 ICBC has revised their coverage for those injured in automobile related accident. The following coverage is in effect:

Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Kinesiology and Acupuncture Coverage
Initial Assessment Appointments are 100% covered, no user fees – only one initial visit fee will be paid out per claim, per service. All subsequent Appointments are 100%, no user fees, except massage therapy. Please contact us for massage therapy user fees.

Pre-Approval List:
Physiotherapy – 25 visits
Chiropractic – 25 visits
Massage Therapy – 12 visits
Acupuncture – 12 visits
Kinesiology – 12 visits

As you near the end of your pre approval period or sessions, you and your therapists will discuss the need for further treatments. This process is carried out until your therapist refers you out to another practitioner or feels they have satisfied the treatment goals and therapy in no longer needed.

Please note: Our reception team will do it’s best to try and answer any questions regarding remaining visits, forms required and extension requests, however you may be directed to contact your ICBC Adjuster for any other ICBC Insurance related questions.

WCB Insurance Information

Once your claim is approved you automatically receive coverage for your first 15 Physiotherapy visits within an eight week period. Thereafter your Physiotherapist will work closely with you and your WCB case manager to seek approval for ongoing care until you reach your pre-injury condition or are entered into a WorkSafe BC occupational rehabilitation program.

“Life is a sport, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.”