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Non-Registered Massage

Student Prices – Clinic Quality

marcie camilleri

Marcie Camilleri

Massage Provider

Marcie is a Massage Provider that has a passion in optimizing your quality of life. She believes in living a balanced life and realizes how challenging it is to maintain. It is her goal to communicate with her clients to get a clear understanding of what physical demands need to be met to achieve this part of their balance.

Marcie obtained 3000 hours of training and has graduated from Makami College with an Advanced Clinical Massage Diploma. She worked as a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta for two years prior to moving to BC.

In clinic she incorporates different modalities that range from relaxation massage to deep-tissue including myofascial release, cupping and trigger point therapy. These modalities do extend to Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Pregnancy Massage and Hot Stone. Combining these different techniques makes for a relaxing, yet effective massage relieving tight muscles from day to day life or injuries resulting from over use.

In the past Marcie has been a manager of a gym for many years, as well as a lifeguard and swim instructor. She has also competed in fitness / figure competitions, all which have contributed to her knowledge of the human body. She decided to pursue a career as a RMT because of her love for helping people.

​"Contributing towards a persons healing is a huge reward for me as I have been on the other side of receiving that gift. Paying it forward to my clients is what fulfills me at the end of the day. I strongly believe in staying active (running with a furry friend) or in the gym to live a healthy happy life."

harman sekhon

Harman Sekhon

Massage Provider

Harman is a student at West Coast College of Massage Therapy, graduating in April 2023. Her passion for physical and mental health is what brought her into this program and what keeps her motivated. While being in this program, Harman understands the importance of care for one’s body, whether that may be from everyday activities or from being in an active lifestyle. Her goal during her practice is to provide the most effective and beneficial treatments for her patients, improving their overall well being. As a bodyworker, Harman hopes to provide relaxation to the mind and body using a variety of techniques.

You can find Harman in the gym weightlifting or spending her time outdoors when she is not in practice or at school. She also enjoys interacting with new faces and making everyone feel welcome. She is sure to make you leave with a smile on your face, even with masks.

Adam Getz

Adam Getz

Massage Provider

Adam is a recent graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Adam believes in a client centered approach and works with his clients to develop a treatment plan that best fits the individual’s needs and meets their desired outcome. Adam is proficient in providing a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish/relaxation, deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial release and joint mobilizations. Adam values health and wellness and the role that massage plays in achieving these both from a physical and psychological perspective.

Adam will be writing his registration exams in Fall 2023 to become an RMT. In addition to his Diploma in Massage Therapy, Adam has completed three years of his Kinesiology Degree. This education coupled with his background as a soccer player. Adam has fostered a deep understanding of the human body and the different needs a client may have when they step foot into a clinic. In his spare time, Adam enjoys playing soccer, travelling and spending time with his dogs.


*Taxes are included in fees


45 Min. Massage


60 Min. Massage


75 Min. Massage


90 Min. Massage

Benefits of Non-Registered Massage?

  • Clinic quality, affordable prices
  • No deductibles to pay
  • No wait lists to get in
  • Great for “in between” RMT sessions
  • Longer appointments available
  • Evening and weekend availability
  • Great gift idea for a loved one

NOTE: Until therapists are registered, these treatments are not billable to extended health insurers or ICBC

Let one or our Non-Registered Therapists decrease stress and relax tired achy muscles at a reduced price! Our body workers are currently in school, or have already completed the required 2200 hour massage therapy program at an accredited school in preparation for becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. They are simply waiting to do their practical and written board exams which enables them to finalize their registration earning them the title of a Registered Massage Therapist with the College of Massage Therapy of British Columbia.

“Life is a sport, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines.”